Our nation humiliated again

Last week I predicted the UK would drop like a lead balloon at the EuroVision 2012 Song Contest. Gosh! How unpatriotic I am. How can you suggest such a thing?

Today the British and international press are full of our humiliation.

Ok we were not bottom, we were second from bottom. The story of our life currently. As I mentioned previously, the British song choice was dreary and depressing, the act was inappropriate and although grannies in Tunbridge Wells thought it was the next best thing to a cosy Battenberg and a cuppa, the rest of Europe thought otherwise.

Meanwhile Malta, who put up a great show, confident performance and a pleasant song came home with a respectable position that the Maltese should be proud of. I thought they were in for a chance in the top three.

And what have the UK learnt from yet more embarrassment? Absolutely nothing. Last year was the same. Year before … in fact we can almost go back to the days of Queen Victoria. And next year? More pointless hype, more daft decisions for a song contest that we should win hands down but sadly we always choose the crap to represent our nation.

Ian Waugh