About m’Roots

My Grandparents on both sides had taught me the basics. My dear Grandfather, Albert Edwin Waugh, told me that our Waugh’s came from Gloucestershire and Somerset before moving to Devon. This is proved true as my research demonstrate. Before that they were settled in Ross and Cromarty – BUT I have yet to link the Gloucestershire clan to the Scottish! Can you help me connect and verify this?

The Churchwards, originated from Teigngrace in Devon (they are not part of the Buckfastleigh clan certainly from the 1700’s onwards). They play a huge part in this research as well as the London and Lincolnshire Cave and Woodruffs.

So, I have compiled an extensive genealogical study of my family starting with the basic knowledge I had as a child. I have managed to trace my blood relatives back to the 1600′s. They were tracked in London, Gloucestershire, Scotland, Egypt and of course Devon.

I constantly upload updates and data, including family trees, backgrounds and research details of deceased blood relatives and up to three generation details of those who married relations here. The information contains over 1,500 individuals and extends back to the middle of the 16th century.

A lot of this work is my own over the past circa 25 years, however I am grateful to Brian Churchward who over the years has provided significant input and whose work on the Churchward family is very well known. Regarding the Waugh family The Gloucestershire Record Office has proved invaluable material as well as other archivists for other parts of my family, notably that of the Cave family. The fast expanding online resources have played a major part in my research and I have found Ancestry and The National Archives (UK) invaluable.